Ákaran Architects

Zomorrod Commercial

This Building, A stack of three cubes, aims to highlight through simplicity, the essence of an ultimately sophisticated design. While standing firm at the heart of a main traffic connection, 11 Zomorrod ties itself subtly to the urban fabric of its surroundings, sitting modestly amongst the volume that envelopes it. Constructing a volume that represents our time and space now, this architectural language yearns for a  sense of timelessness, a sense of  A building that will stand the test of time through the eras ahead.The building consists of 5 entire floors of underground Parking, A Double height commercial ground floor and 6 Floors above containing state of the art offices with a private terrace on the first floor and a private roof garden on the 6th level.  The brick concept of the outer Elevation layer carries on through all the building levels, as to make the interior volume and exterior layer inseparable entities.  

The materials all go hand in hand to tell the story of the project. The handmade bricks together with oxidized panels which symbolize the passage of time and a tribute to the past, juxtaposed with glazing and concrete panels that stand for the present times, talk of a connection, a bridge between the old and new, and on a larger scale encourage a dialogue of tolerance. The building is fully automated and controlled by state of the art systems easily regulated via the ipads installed in each unit.  The interior spaces are all ventilated by 4th generation VRV systems.   

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