Ákaran Architects

ɑːkarʌn | boundless, never ending, a non periphery , endless , infinite. The word originates from the Persian “bikaran”

Aspiring to create curious and interesting yet highly functional spaces, Ákaran Architects, was founded by Moeen Afzalkhani and Zahra Azizi in 2010. Our work strategy is that it is not a signature style in architecture that matters; it is rather the essence of the created space and the continuation of an intriguing spatial dialogue with the environmental, political, social and cultural context. We see architecture as an extension of life, of the everyday and of the individual and collective experience of space. Every project therefore is tailor made to a rich narrative of its context and client personality. We work strongly as a team of professionals skilled over a range of various disciplines of the built environment. Our Architecture, curiously responsive, is lined with the appropriate engineering collaborative every step of the way to ensure articulate buildings which can easily be read and understood while maintaining beauty and immaculate craftsmanship. We like our work to be molded through artistic thinking together with rational problem solving, for more beautiful buildings, more desirable and logical spaces for our clients and users, and ultimately for a better future for our cities.